インドネシア在住のMr. Chin Honさんのコレクション。まずは氏から頂いたコメントを再掲。

Ibanez Artist 2613 - No Serial Number
This is a very beautiful guitar and the flame on it is simply gorgeous.
Living in the Far East and especially Indonesia is not an advantage when
buying guitars especially from ebay. Luckily I have made many friends
around the world over the years and have good references when I want to
buy something. This guitar was purchased from a chemistry professor in
the US and since he did not know me had insisted that the funds had to
be from the US within a number of days and he would only ship in the US.
It was tough but I did manage to make it by asking a friend in the US to
buy it first for me. It is with me and still gives me a smile when I
look at it.

Ibanez Artist 2613 - シリアルナンバーなし


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