I have some questions now, but please do not laugh :-) it is my first artist, so like I said - no expert, but if If I amuse you thats ok :-)

1) Is it regarded as weak/so-so/good/exceptional instrument ?
2) What do you say about the following :
- body
- pick-ups
- other e.g. tuners
3) State of the guitar - is it very bad as for its age ?
4) The year - is it good year of production ? I assume (after a quick run through the forum) from 70`s are better.
5) What would be the market price (no intention of selling though, sorry)
6) The serial number is D841512 - Philly, thank you, it is April 1984. What are the remaining digits ?
7) Can we say where was it made (which plant) ?
Many of them AR100(FR) still circulating on the market ?

Thank you so much for the help, and it is good to have you guys !
If I can do sth for you - please let me know.

Best regards,
Micu, Poland


1. exceptional as far as I am concerned
2. there is a good site here for specs http://www.geocities.jp/ar_lovers_room/ARdata/eARmodellist.html
3. Looks quite nice to me, a few dents would only upset a hardcore mint collector, give her a good polish, or even a polish polish
4. Purist may have something to say, it's Fujigen in the golden era, you can't go wrong.
5. North of 500?
6. Remaining digits, number of guitar in that month.
7- Fujigen - you will find all the info about it on this site because this is what this site is all about.

FR is rare as far as I can tell, I have not seen many and would like one




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