SR1981 AR100CS

 アメリカ、ニューヨーク州在住のMr. S. Robinsonさんが所有している1981年製のAR100CSです。

 先日(って、昨日、つまり2006年3月4日)、幻の「AR1505」をMr. S. Robinsonさんの協力を得てアップしたばかりですが、「リストに掲載しましたよ〜。」という連絡をしたところ、「実はもう一本あるんだよ。」ってことでメールが来ました。


Hello Hasenobu-
I saw the web page this looks great! There are many beautiful
guitars on the page- you have some very nice examples yourself!

I have included a picture of my other Ibanez Artist- this one is a 1981
AR100CS, that I purchased on ebay back in 2003. Again, it was in poor shape-
bad frets, a problem with the pickup selector switch, and the original
bridge/tailpiece/tuning pegs were unsalvageable. It came to me with Seymour
Duncan '59r pickups, and I replaced the bridge pickup with a Seymour Duncan
JB. I used this guitar for many gigs until I got my AR1505AV up and running.
This guitar is much heavier than the 1505, and also tends to be "neck-heavy"
when played standing up. But it plays and sounds great, and I've always
wanted a sunburst maple-top guitar. I eventually plan on replacing the
hardware with the original gold.

Once again, thanks for your interest, and thank you for sending me those
links! I really think the mid 1970-mid 1980 period was when Ibanez produced
their best guitars, and I really think that in many ways, the Artist series
from that time equals or surpasses the Gibson Les Paul/ES335 in sound and
quality. I owned an AR2617 that I purchased brand new back in 1979. I sold
it a couple of years later, and I have regretted selling it ever since.

I'll check your page often!


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