This picture shows exacly what it looked like when it arrived this afternoon. As can be seen, the seller put together more than one boxes in order to make an outer box.

Inside the outer box:

The hardshell case with several stickers:

The head was wrapped with soft material, and between the strings and the fretboard was a folded sheet of newspaper:

The head of the guitar:

The body:

2 Super80 with flying-finger impresses:

Binding and purfling:

Control knobs:

Front view:

Heel (neck joint):

Side view (1):

Side view (2), seen at a slightly different angle:

Some dings at the bottom of the neck, and the hairline at the joint:

The biggest scar on the back:

Rear view:

Back panel:

Serial number on the back of the headstock:

A relatively big scar on the upper side of the headstock (1):

A small scar on the upper side of the headstock (2):

A wrench for adjusting machineheads (1):

A wrench for adjusting machineheads (2):

A small ding on the lower part of the body:

Taken just before I closed the hardshell case, with bubble wrap to protect the guitar:

The outer box and some bubble wrap to secure the hard shell case inside of the outer box:

Taken just before the box was sealed:


 重さが9.27Kgということで送料は14,000円であったけれども、アメリカの代表的なオークションサイトであるe-Bayなどでは、う〜ん、良く知らないけれども十数万円の価格がついたりしているようで、Erik氏にとってはかなりの「お買い得」となったことと思う。(ちなみに私は仲介料やら手数料などはもらっていません。完全に実費のみ、です。(笑) ま、国産ギターが海外で高く評価され、それを欲しがっている人がいるなら、できる範囲内で協力したいし。(笑)))
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